Shalom Israel supporter,

After 50 days of military confrontation between Israel and Hamas-controlled Gaza, with more than 4,500 rockets and missiles fired towards Israel and 72 Israeli casualties, this is the time to share the first-hand experience of up to 75% of the Israeli population that were under missile fire from Gaza.

Presenting Israel’s image and human story today, starts with Sderot on the Gaza border.

My topic for my multi-media presentation on college campuses is:

“How ‘Sderot’s rocket reality’ overnight turned into the State of Israel’s reality.”

There are a few dates left for booking a multi-media presentation between:
2nd- 18th of November 2014.

This academic year, beginning 1 September 2014, BDS and many other anti-Israel
organizations and activists will be, no doubt, focusing their hostile efforts on manipulating the Gaza narrative to “blood libel” the State of Israel.

The following are the goals for my upcoming speaking tour:

  • Providing tools for Jewish and pro-Israel students on campuses from across the US to respond accurately to the Gaza narrative.
  • Presenting to the general student public a balanced overview of the human story of Israel residing on the borders of Gaza: this story has been misrepresented by the mainstream media and public awareness.
  • Recruiting pro-active students to the ‘Citizens Diplomacy Network for Israel’. Students who apply will receive on-line New-Media leadership seminars throughout the academic year and will advocate for the ‘Israeli citizens voice’ in times of emergency.

Since 2007, Noam, as the director of the Sderot Media Center, has presented the situation of the people of Sderot and Israel to the US Congress, the Goldstone Commission in Geneva, and in front of parliamentarians in South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, Australia, Norway, Holland, and the EU. Noam’s campus presentations were covered in major newspapers including The New York Times.

Students comments from Noam’s last Nov’ 2013 campus tour:

“I just wanted to thank you again for your presentation yesterday! I thought it was really informative and emotionally moving. You are such a great speaker, and I really appreciate you coming to Berkeley! All of Tikvah: students for Israel thought it was a great event! One student has given me feedback so far and she said, “Please let Noam Bedein know that I thought his presentation was really great and I am so grateful he is taking the time to educate others. And I would love to stay in touch with him if possible too!”
Alana Corre, student, University of California at Berkeley

“I loved Noam’s entire presentation. Besides bringing to the forefront the reality happening in Southern Israel, I could tell that he was really passionate about educating everyone on just how serious the situation is.”
Justina Olisa, student, Missouri University

“Noam presented his Israeli story in a unique way through personal experience. As a broadcast journalism major, I especially enjoyed his use of video to tell stories that made the problem in Israel real and worthy of attention.”
Megan Schulz, student, Missouri University

Please peruse the following half-day seminar “The Ambassador of Tomorrow,” recommended by the Israel Strategic Affairs of the Prime Minister’s Office.


  • Importance of the ‘human story’ as a tool for fighting against the de- legitimizing of Israel.
  • Arts of the media – through self-expression & creating awareness
  • Understanding the Gaza narrative as a main source for demonization of Israel
  • Speaking to audiences & media
  • Understanding the basis of the conflict: “not a question of territory, but a question of Israel’s legitimacy”

Special screening of Noam’s latest 17-minute documentary “Standing Resilient in Israel,” a movie funded by the US government to portray how Israel copes with terror.


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