Friday, May 24, 2019
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Sponsor a SMC Project

Help Spread the Word

about the visitors’ center and the city of Sderot, or help us fund its influential activities.

You can create real advocacy for Israel by:

Sponsoring a resident of Southern Israel to become the Heritage Center’s Ambassador’s of tomorrow.

Cost: $400

A three-year project including the creation of a “human face database” and recruitment of up to 1,000 residents in Southern Israel from 6 regions in order to emphasize the ‘human face’ of Israel under rocket threats from Hamas-controlled Gaza. Contact Noam Bedein for more information at [email protected].

Sponsoring advocacy education for one international student.

Cost: $1,800

Sponsorship includes a full-board, two-week seminar at the Center as part of a group of 10-15 college students from overseas college campuses (not including travel expenses).
In a unique environment, they will learn how to use diplomacy, journalism, and media to create eff ective messages about Judaism and Zionism.
The program will also include training in advocacy organization and leadership.

Sponsoring a one- year gap studies for school graduates.

Cost: $15,000

Help us spread the word about the new one-year gap studies program for overseas high school graduates at the local Yeshivat Hesder.
The program is an in-depth Jewish studies program including emphasis on Sderot and the State of Israel, creating long-term ambassadors for Sderot.

Dedicating the Sderot Media Center Wing at Sderot’s new visitor’s center.

Cost: $36,000

Your donation will allow us to complete the construction of the Sderot Heritage Centre, and to attract many thousands of visitors to this very special place, which, through circumstance has come to symbolize Israel’s steadfastness in the face of threats to its existence and disruption of its citizens’ daily lives.