Lenny Ben-David

Lenny Ben-David
Sderot Media Center Advisor
Lenny Ben-Davida former diplomat and lobbyist in Washington, serves as managing director of the Israel Consult, Inc. subsidiary I*Consult, a consulting firm that includes leading public relations firms, consultants and lobbyists in Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Tbilisi and Israel.From August 1997 until August 2000, Ben-David served as Israel’s Deputy Chief of Mission (number two diplomat) in Washington after being appointed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In his three years in Washington, he served under three Israeli ambassadors and two Israeli prime ministers.

Ben-David also held senior posts in the American Israel Public Affairs Committee for 25 years, in both Washington and Israel. He was AIPAC’s director of Information and Research for 10 years in Washington and opened AIPAC’s first Israel office in 1982, directing it for almost 15 years. In that capacity, he coordinated the visits of hundreds of members of Congress and political delegations to Israel.

He attended both the Madrid and Cairo Peace Conferences as an advisor to the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. He has traveled throughout the Middle East and Europe, including visits to Jordan, Qatar, Egypt, and Gaza.

Ben David has appeared in television interview shows, including CNN News, PBS’ News Hour, Fox News, and CNN’s Burden of Proof.