Friday, May 24, 2019
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Ongoing SMC Projects

The Sderot Heritage Center

Beit HaGevurah – the Sderot Heritage Center, will be a four story, state-of-the-art interactive museum and visitor’s center dedicated to the vital role heroism plays in Israeli and Jewish history. The relevance of Jewish commitment from biblical times to the present, is expressed in the establishment of new Negev development towns.

Investigative Journalism

SMC conducts real-time journalistic coverage and provides media distribution, bringing such issues as shelters, security, defense, welfare, mental health care, education, and government involvement, to the public forum. These researches and reports are substantiated by TV coverage and are distributed among Israeli and foreign media, as well as on the internet.

Guided Visits and Information

The Sderot Media Center initiates and conducts guided visits for foreign media personnel, diplomats, government officials, tourists, and local visitors, showing them first-hand the damage wreaked by the kassam attacks. More than 70 foreign groups have visited Sderot, viewing homes destroyed by Kassams, meeting with professional services personnel and visiting terror victims’ families, while also viewing the cultural center and events for youth in the city.

Informational Movies and Photography

The Sderot Media Center has produced 40 documentary informational movies thus far. A team of photographers and editors have produced movies portraying a variety of themes: Sderot youth, trauma victims, rocket alerts, miracles in Sderot, and Kassam attacks, as well as daily life in a war zone. The center works in cooperation with well-known directors from both Israel and abroad and supplies them with video footage from its archive. It also supplies real-time still photos to foreign media.

Community Projects

The Sderot Media Center initiates events for the community and helps mediate between aid bodies and the citizens.The center works with a children’s theater production, provides assistance for building shelters, establishes press conferences for the community, distributes aid to schools, sets up local photography exhibitions throughout Israel, and brings medical clowns to kindergartens.