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IDF pummels Hamas after one rocket attack too many

The Hamas rocket that shattered a village home in the Sharon district of central Israel, north of Tel Aviv early on Monday morning, is an attack that for Israeli leadership represents a step too...

Hamas and Israel Not Interested in New Gaza War for Now

Dr. Mandel speaks about Hamas and Israel’s disinterest in a New Gaza War on i24 News’ Crossroads on March 14, 2019. MEPIN Middle East Political and Information Network

Gaza scams continue aided and abetted by UN

  One of the longest running fraudulent schemes in recent times must surely be the continuing international funding of the terrorist entity known as Gaza…writes Michael Kuttner. Sometimes described by observers as an appendix, this inflamed...

Children of Sderot counter kite terror with kite festival

Hundreds of helium balloons and kites bearing flammable materials have been launched from Gaza since March 30, killing wildlife and incinerating thousands of acres of forests and agricultural fields in Israeli border communities. In a...