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Promo Documentary “Two weeks in May”

duration: 2:51 documentary of Noam Bedein "Two weeks in May" Promo- telling the story

Following two weeks of escalation during May 2007 293 Qassam rockets exploded in...

duration: 3:22 The family's home destroyed are the Ben-Haim family- 2 parents and 3 children. The 6 year old son- Aviran was having a...

Synagogue being hit by a direct Qassam rocket – SMC Video Archive

duration: 4:02 Synagogue being hit by a direct Qassam rocket, when half and hour before over 400 people were celebrating bringing a new Torah scroll...

Sderot Under Attack on May 16,2007

duration: 4:05 Over 20 rockets exploded into the town- The Human Face behind the headlines

A Qassam attack on resident apartment

duration: 5:38 A Qassam attack on resident apartment- building was tilting to fall, children were not aloud to play in their yard- Rivka Bedein, a...

Interviewing a kindergarten teacher

duration: 2:31 - Interviewing a kindergarten teacher, while the siren went off- Children went running to the bomb shelter, and than start singing out load,...

Children telling their stories of their Qassam experiences

duration: 3:50 Children telling their stories of their Qassam experiences, during a SMC project, planting 300 palm trees all around the schools in Sderot.

Imagenes de Israel – Parte 1

duration: 5:19 ASEI ha editado este video con fotografias de visitantes a Israel. Describen un pais muy bello y lleno de contrastes, muy alejado de...