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Sderot Children Send New Year Messages to Gaza

duration: 5:26 Sderot, Israel (31.12.09): Hours before the new year, as hundreds of pro-Palestinian and Arab demonstrators gathered at the Erez Crossing chanting "Katyushas on Ma'alot, Qassams on Sderot," while Israeli demonstrators at another Gaza...

Qassam rocket causes fire

duration: 1:03

Rocket hits Hutzot Mall in Ashkelon

duration: 2:12 At least 75 people were hurt when a Grad katyusha rocket slammed into the Hutzot mall in Ashkelon around six in the evening. A mother and her baby were wounded, and...

A Qassam rocket hit the Cohen family’s home

duration: 4:01 At 7:30 am, a Qassam rocket directly hit the Cohen family's home. Sophie and Eli Cohen, both 42, celebrated their wedding anniversary this past weekend. "The blessed gift I received for our anniversary...

Resident tells her story

duration: 3:29 Geut Argon, Sderot resident, 34 years old, telling her story of the Qassam rocket hitting her home.

Children run for their lives

duration: 1:44 During a happening in Sderot, the siren went off and the children started to run for their lives…

The Atias family house was hit by a direct hit

duration: 0:54 The mother and child were seriously injured at this attack.

Following two weeks of escalation during May 2007 293 Qassam rockets exploded in...

duration: 3:22 The family's home destroyed are the Ben-Haim family- 2 parents and 3 children. The 6 year old son- Aviran was having a sandwich at the exact same place, where the rocket exploded,...