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Grad Attack on Ofakim

duration: 0:58

Iranian grad strike Be’er Sheba

duration: 1:01

Sderot Children Send New Year Messages to Gaza

duration: 5:26 Sderot, Israel (31.12.09): Hours before the new year, as hundreds of pro-Palestinian and Arab demonstrators gathered at the Erez Crossing chanting "Katyushas on...

Israeli Minister of Public Affairs and Diaspora meets other PR Professionals in Sderot

duration: 3:01 For the first time since Operation Cast Lead, senior government officials and Minister of Public Affairs and Diaspora, Yuli Edelstein, gathered together in...

Save Sderot Treatment Theater, Therapy Balancing Gaza Story

duration: 9:31 "Once the girls began to express their feelings of the fear and loneliness, they began to realize that they were not alone--there were...

Children of Qassam Avenue

duration: 2:18 "Children of Qassam Avenue" is a play based on the true-life rocket experiences of the Sderot actresses, all of whom are Sderot natives,...

Sderot Media Center Community Treatment Theater 2009

duration: 5:16 Through the art of theater, traumatized high school girls are able to express themselves while receiving trauma therapy. This project is run by...

Most Dangerous Town in Israel

duration: 6:19 This pod will examine life amidst the katyushas. The town of Sderot near Gaza is constantly being bombed by Hamas and the citizens...

Sderot – The Day After (JPost TV)

duration: 4:26 After eight years of consecutive Palestinian fire on the southern city, residents are just now beginning to deal with their post traumatic effects....