Three new Operation Lifeshield bomb shelters arrived in Sderot, this week, and one shelter was moved to the center of the city.

The new shelters were divided between three Sderot synagogues-Ha’ari, Midrasha, and Yeshivat Sderot. Midrasha will be holding a dedication ceremony for its shelter on Friday.

Photo; Meital Ohayon

The fourth shelter replaces two shelter formerly situated at the old Magen David Adom station, near the new location. The MDA shelters were transferred to a location in northern Israel in April when MDA moved to a new station. While Sderot residents frequently took cover in the shelters during Qassam attacks, they were private property of the MDA, which decided they were necessary in the North, which was bombarded by Hizbullah missile attacks during The Second Lebanon War.

The area had remained unprotected until this week. The Sderot engineering department had deemed an Operation Lifeshield shelter located in the Vered neighborhood to be hazardous, dysfunctional and unnecessary. Sderot Media Center took initiative to have the shelter transferred to its new location.

Operation Lifeshield is an organization that attempts to deal with issues of protection in regions of Israel under threat of missile attacks. So far, the organization has provided 50 shelters throughout Sderot and the western Negev.

The new shelters were were built using money donated by the “One Israel” Fund


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