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“This most impressive work is a valuable
publication that
presents a comprehensive picture
of the many acts of terrorism against
Israeli citizens.”

Reuven Rivlin
, Speaker of the Knesset

“Giulio Meotti’s book recounts in detail the kinds of terrorist
attacks to which Israel has been repeatedly subjected, and
which threaten the rest of the civlized world if we collectively
do not take the threat seriously and respond effectively.”

John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations

“As Meotti vividly demonstrates in this powerful book, what is generally called the Arab-Israeli ‘conflict’ is in reality a relentless war being waged by the Arab/Muslim world to wipe the State of Israel off the map, and his account of how this war has affected its Jewish victims is unforgettable and indispensable.”

Norman Podhoretz

“At a time when a resurgent Judenhassshames Europe, Giulio Meotti has done something rare and honorable, and chosen to remember, in powerful and fiercely eloquent prose, the victims of the remorseless assault on the Jewish state. In doing so, he indicts with devastating clarity not only their depraved enemies but those in the ‘civilized’ world who indulge and encourage such barbarism even as it prepares to devour them. This is a unique and valuable book: a portrait of a virulent global psychosis, and the real lives it snuffs out in one tiny strip of land.”

Mark Steyn, bestselling author of America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It


Excerpt from A New Shoah

Sderot is like Guernica, the Basque town that was bombed by Nazi planes during the Spanish Civil War. Sderot is the Israeli town that has suffered the most rocket attacks; but unlike Guernica, it has not had its Picasso.

The siege of Sderot involves much more than one poor community: it represents the moral clarity of the Jewish people, the courage and resistance of Israel, and it reveals the rest of the world’s indifference to the genocidal hatred of Islamism.

In June 2004, a rocket hit an elementary school, killing a man and a child. They were the first in a long series of Israeli victims in Sderot, the “most bombed city in the world.” Twelve thousand Palestinian rockets have fallen on Sderot and Ashkelon.

Every day for nine years, Israelis have awakened to hear two news bulletins on the radio: the weather forecast and the rocket strikes in Sderot. Children in the city have been sent to stay with relatives and friends elsewhere; sporting events have been postponed; the sense of death has pervaded the empty streets, the shops, the market, everything.

Death has fallen from the sky without warning. Even today, if you are driving in Sderot it’s a good idea to keep the window down at all times, your seat belt unfastened, and the radio off so you can hear the siren. There have been times when the population thought the warning siren was broken because it didn’t stop sounding for hours on end.

In Sderot, the only place in a Western democracy that has been plagued with rocket fire for many years, you are always within fifteen or twenty seconds of a shelter. Many Holocaust survivors have suffered because they can’t run to a neighborhood shelter.

The rocket attacks have created a new reality in which nearly one million Israeli residents (about 15 percent of the entire population) are at risk. Every day, dozens of people knock at the doors of the Sderot Trauma Center, which offers psychological help to those who suffer the trauma of the bombings.

The director is Dr. Adriana Katz, who has spent years alleviating psychological suffering in Sderot. “This is a country of living dead,” Dr. Katz remarks as she counts the latest attacks by Hamas. “In nine years, I have treated six thousand victims of rocket strikes.”

Noam Bedein, director of the Sderot Media Center, notes that “Sderot is the only city in the world where terrorism strikes the civilian population in the twenty-first century day after day, without interruption.” Bedein was a witness before the United Nations commission on the war in Gaza. “You can’t count on the fingers of both hands how many times rockets have exploded a few meters away from a kindergarten”.

There are parks for children in Sderot, but they have remained empty for months. The children have been in the bomb shelters.

A spokesman for the Ezzedeen al-Qassam Brigades, the armed branch of Hamas, had these words for the inhabitants of the city: “Prepare many buses! We will not stop firing until Sderot is empty.”

Each of the bus stops in Sderot has been equipped with a bomb shelter that has a single reinforced window. In the elementary schools, the children often learn math by counting how many of them are still at their desks.

A bomb-proof playing field was opened in March 2009. And yet Sderot is not a “ghost town,” as it is often described. The number of inhabitants has never gone down.

There are those who sleep with their clothes on, with the windows open a crack, and who talk quietly, out of fear that the emergency signal might escape their attention.

But the Israelis have never left their city. Sderot lives.


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  1. Queridos Amigos Isrelies. ; Al igual que ustedes, nací como judio,me crie como judio, vivo desde mi nacimiento ,de eso hace 72 años en Argentina, pero hoy viendo lo cruel y malvado que es este mundo, estoy decido a radicarme en Israel, y ponerme junto a ustedes en el frente , no como carne de cañon, si no para demostrarle a estos malvados que no es necesario ponerse cinturones con bombas o tirar cohetes para vivir mejor,por que si se quiere vivir en Paz,se puede. Siempre que esos deseos sean realmente sinceros.A estos malvados criminales, etc. etc..se les deberia hacer, como hizo cierta Señora en su casa,Cierto dia compró un comedero para dar alimentos a los pajaritos que visitaban su casa, , pero hete aqui ,que cada día eran más, hasta que llegó un momento en que a pesar de darles cada vez mas, comenezaron a pelearse entre ellos, destrozando su hermoso jardín ,dejando mugre en todas partes , hasta que llegaron a lastimarle a ella, ,; así que decidió ,quitar el comedero, las raciones de comida , y la Paz regresó a este hogar,- Aquí en Argentina Tenemos los que se llaman los OKUPAS, Pretenden vivir a costa de los que trabajan ,estudian, se sacrifican diariamente para progresar y salir adelante con sus proyectos, todo sin aportar Nada A CAMBIO, Cuando en cierto momento de lucides de las autoridades, les cortaron los viveres ,se retiraron.- y regresó la Tranquilidad.- En resumen a buen entendedor ,pocas palabras
    Un abrazo amigos .-


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