Last Thursday, December 25, American students protested in Kikar Tziyon in Jerusalem in a Wake Up the World! rally, organized by American students studying in Israel for the year.
Considering the bleak and difficult week in Sderot and the western Negev, it was heartening to be part of a student-lead rally in Jerusalem last Thursday, December 25. Davida Wolfson, an American student studying in Israel for a year, organized Wake Up the World Rally!, in light of the intensive rocket attacks on Sderot and southern Israel and disproportionate media coverage of the conflict.

This past week, over 300 Palestinian rockets have slammed into Israel, destroying dozens of homes and buildings, injuring countless civilians, psychologically traumatizing thousands of Israelis including children. Two Israelis have been killed in Netivot and Ashkelon.
David Project, Sderot Media Center, and Aish HaTorah representatives also participated in the rally, which featured Palestinian Media Watch director, Itamar Marcus, who spoke how Hamas and Palestinian textbooks in general, have educated and motivated a young generation of Palestinians to hate Israel and seek its destruction.
Jerusalem Post and local TV were on hand to report on the rally.

Despite the beating rain and cold weather, a fair crowd of American students gathered with umbrellas to hear the speakers and show their support. The rally concluded with singing and dancing to Am Yisrael Chai, in the spirit of Channukah and the difficult times which the nation of Israel faced and overcame over two thousand years ago.



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