As Long As We Try


We look the children in the eye, but we do not understand.

How much we hurt them.

For we all know that kassams are not birds.

That’s what Hannah, the kindergarten teacher, tells us–

that one day there will be kites instead of rockets.

Kites of many colors –

I want mine to be red, so that everybody will notice how big and beautiful it is.

I want it to be unique and powerful –

Like the color of blood.

I pray before God everyday, and I ask

That my mother will no longer be afraid,

And that my father will be able to get a job.

And that my big brother will not make in his bed.

I know that things will change because

My mother told me that when I will be seven

I will be able to walk in the neighborhood without running for cover all the time.

So I will try with all my power to bear up my strength

To build up my family

To love them

To fear only God.

And to know that things will be good.

God, may there be no more war.

May the young soldiers all come home,

And may there be only birds in the sky.



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