Jerusalem, Israel: On Tuesday, May 11th, at 1pm, the Sderot Media Center Community Treatment Theater will be performing Children of Qassam Avenue at the Israeli Knesset.

SMC’s treatment theater program teaches the youth of Sderot’s traumatized population to self-express themselves to the outside world using the creative arts.

“The theater program aims to raise awareness to the post-trauma symptoms affecting the youth of region due to years of Qassam fire” said Sderot Media Center director, Noam Bedein. “We are bringing the theater performance to the Knesset, in order to influence Israeli public opinion and the world regarding the Gaza-Israel conflict.”

Sderot Media Center is currently fundraising for the six-month operation of the Sderot Community Treatment Theater, with the center planning 12 performances in cities across Israel.

Sderot Media Center is also planning to create a film documenting the past year’s drama therapy process with the Sderot girls. This will include video footage of the therapy sessions that took place throughout the year during the entire creation of the theater project. This documentary will be inserted into a large media campaign as a voice for Sderot residents. SMC is looking for sponsors to fund both projects.


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