“Sderot residents are busy writing poems, songs and stories for a writing competition being held next month in the rocket-battered town.

The Sderot Media Center initiated this project in conjunction with the local newspaper, Din ve’Cheshbon, and the Sderot Cinematheque. The writing project enables Sderot residents, both young and old, to come together to express their individual creativity. The writers have the opportunity to tell about themselves and their life-experiences either in a short story or poem form. People will share their personal experiences living in eight years of rocket fire and its impact through their individual points of view.

The winning compositions will be published in the local newspaper, Din ve’Cheshbon, and on the website of Sderot Media Center, SderotMedia.com. Both SMC and Din ve’Cheshbon are the official sponsors of this writing competition.

The ceremony for awarding the prizes will be held on November 11 and 13 at the Sderot Cinematheque.

Everybody is welcome!

Read the stories of Sderot children by clicking on the following names:

Avital Bareli: “Two Friends”

Orli Yasso: “As Long As We Try”

Yehudit Yifrach: “For Eight Years

Tom Adam: “Just Another Day”

Reem Balsan: “Dawn Has Come”

Yaakov Benita: “Ella”

Livnat Shaubi: “In the Name of God”


  1. Congratulations to all those writers who expressed themselves so meaningfully. Each one was so moving. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Thinking of you all in these difficult times.


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