Despite Israel’s declaration of a unilateral ceasefire on Saturday night, January 18, and Hamas’s announcement the next day that it would follow the truce, over 20 Gaza rockets slammed into Israel throughout Sunday.

As Hamas announced a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip today, Sunday, January 19, a Palestinian rocket struck Ashdod, lightly wounding a woman and one other person. A total of three Israelis suffered wounds from Gaza rockets on Sunday, while 15 Israelis were treated for shock.

Another rocket was fired into Ashkelon at noon. Earlier, two Palestinian rockets hit Shapir Regional Council causing severe damage to property including a chicken coop. Rockets also targeted Netivot. In Sderot, the rocket warning alarm system, Tzeva Adom, was heard at least three times during the day, as rockets hit open areas outside the city.

Seven Grad rockets hit southern Israel late Saturday night, right after Israel declared the ceasefire.

Authorities also announced a gradual return to school this week. Eleventh and twelfth graders in Be’er Sheva preparing for matriculation exams on Monday will return. City officials have yet to decide if younger students will return to school.

*Haaretz and Jpost contributed to this report.



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