Fragile quiet broken once again as rockets are fired from Gaza; one rocket hits home but miraculously none are injured; house sustains slight damages.

Limor, Sderot resident showing Sderot Media Center Daniel Hagbi the damages caused to her home by the Qassam rocket,

The ‘color red’ alert was sounded twice in Sderot and the surrounding area in the early hours of Friday morning. A short time later a rocket exploded in Sderot, hitting a home but miraculously – no one was injured though the house did sustain slight damages.

The residents of the house were at home at the time of the blast, and this is not the first time that their house has been hit by rockets.

Security forces arrived at the scene to remove the Qassam rocket, which failed to explode completely when it hit the house.

An additional rocket exploded in an open area in Sderot, no injuries were reported.

Earlier on Friday night a rocket fired from Gaza has hit the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council, evidently exploding in an open area – but security forces have yet to locate the explosion site.

The recent rocket attacks are further testimonial to the fragile quiet in the Gaza vicinity communities which has been broken twice in the past week.

Several rockets were fired from Gaza earlier in the week. On Monday two Qassam rockets exploded in open areas in Sderot and Sha’ar Hanegev just a few minutes after President Shimon Peres left the area following a visit to mark the beginning of the new school year.

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