Eran Zinger warns Egyptian Anti-Aircraft Missiles Could Shield Gaza from
Israeli Defense Operations
Dr. Aaron Lerner 22 August 2012

Israel Radio Arab Affairs Correspondent Eran Zinger on Israel Radio Reshet
Bet “Hakol Diburim” 22 August 2012

For audio:


Anchor: Our Arab Affairs Correspondent Eran Zinger

Zinger: Good Morning Oren

First of all I want to add to what Amir said. It is not just tanks. And
this isn’t information that I managed to glean with great effort from
sources here. I simply see it in pictures in the
Egyptian press. Photos of missile batteries. They themselves say so. And
when we talk about rockets we are also talking about anti-aircraft missiles,
anti-tank missiles. The Egyptians are sending forces into Sinai in a way
that completely changes the strategic lines between us.

Remember that Morsi and the Moslem Brotherhood are, in practice, brothers of
Hamas and Islamic elements in Gaza.

What is happening now is that the situation has developed that one can only
guess what scenarios will transpire.

For example: consider that Hamas or one of the other organizations in Gaza
starts to renew the fire against communities in the south. Israel has exact
intelligence information about
a cell that is about to launch rockets and sends up aircraft to thwart the
launch. But the Egyptians notify Israel via official and unofficial
channels “don’t do what you intend to
do – we know what you intend to do – you have been warned. We have
anti-aircraft missile batteries that will prevent a large scale operation in

Oren, it sounds crazy but that is the situation now…

AL: Amos Gilead, head of the Defense Ministry Political and Security
Division, was interviewed on the noon news program of Reshet Bet and denied
that Egypt had sent missiles into Sinai. Zinger challenged him in the



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