Protocol of the meeting between Sderot residents’ representatives and Knesset Members

Subject in discussion: Israel Tax Authority, it’s failures, and attitude toward Sderot residents

There are approximately 19,000 residents who have been living in Sderot under ongoing Qassam missile attacks for the past eight years. Not only that most of the city’s residents have been physically, mentally and financially hurt by this situation, they also suffer from property losses, whether they are direct or indirect. Due to this situation, the residents of Sderot are forced to turn to the Israel Tax Authority, which is responsible for dealing with these issues.

Unfortunately, Sderot residents generally come up on the short end of the ITA’s decisions. ITA representative frequently undervalue damages and force residents to pay for much of the repairs to their properties out of pocket, which they are only able to do after completing a grueling series of paperwork in order to settle for the representatives appraisal. In addition, residents have reported that ITA representatives frequently show them disrespect and treat residents like thieves. It is apparent that ITA representatives recognize neither the residents’ rights to compensation nor the government’s obligation to its citizens.


Chava Gad: Her hot water’s solar collector suffered a direct Qassam hit — ITA has acknowledged only half of the damage.

Shula Sasson: A Qassam missile anded in her backyard and damaged the ceramic and marble tiles — ITA has only acknowledged the damage done to the ceramic tiles.

Pinhas Amar: His house suffered a direct hit and was totally destroyed. An private appraiser has estimated the damage at 500,000 Shekels. The ITA appraiser has estimated the damage at 120,000 Shekels. The sum was raised to 300,000 Shekels only after legal intervention by an attorney.

Purpose of meeting:

A. To bring to the Knesset’s attention the failures and unprofessional behavior of the ITA representatives.

B. To change, correct and clarify the legislation regarding the Property Tax Law and Compensation Fund.

Knesset Members which were presented with the subject:

MK Rabbi Meir Porush – “Suggested to establish a lobby in cooperation with Knesset Members. Is wiling to initiate and promote”.

MK Yuli (Yoel) Edelstein – “Is willing to join any initiative”.

MK Zvulun Or Lev: “Consider me recruited to the idea of a lobby, which I consider to be right.” Will try to examine the subject of Property Tax in the State Control Committee, which will assemble next week.

MK Marina Solodkin: Will provide her support and examine the subject of legislation.

Personal Assistant of MK Gideon Sa’ar: Will present MK Sa’ar with the details, including the subject of legislation.


Knesset Members from any political party need to be recruited in order to fulfill the meeting’s goals, and a lobby, which will include Sderot residents and Knesset Members, will be established.


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