The world should be thanking the Hezbollah and Hamas terror supporting Muslim Student Association student at University of California San Diego that publicly showed once again the true face of anti-Israel activism on campuses, at a David Horowitz lecture May 10th.

As universities around the globe wrap up for the summer, many students will leave unaware that the liberalism they claim to stand for is often quite false. Case in point: The Middle East Forum has reported that the Saudi government has spent $87 billion spreading radical Islam in the last decade. As a clear product of this activity, we have seen a frightening increase in campuses around the globe hosting “Israel Apartheid Week.” More non-Muslim students have become active in these events in conjunction with the Muslim Student Association (MSA), the Pan-Arab radical Islam organization that is the derivation of these Saudi funds.

When watching the short YouTube video of the MSA student at UCSD that proved to the world how MSA actively supports terrorism, I remembered back a year ago when my Sderot Media Center event at DePaul University was hijacked by MSA and Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) along with their following of false liberals. As I described a year ago in this Jerusalem Post article, Shell-shocked in DePaul , what these so-called liberals were preventing was free-speech and what they were promoting was everything that liberalism has historically fought against. Due to the radical response of these MSA students and false liberals, this event on the human story of Sderot made the ADL’s top four 2009 anti-Semitic campus events of the year.

False liberalism sign outside Sderot event at DePaul University last year. (Photo: SMC archive)

Even more telling of the true face of this false liberalism is the short video of Cartoonist Lars Vilks, who created the cartoons of the Muslim prophet Mohammed published in a Denmark newspaper, being attacked at Uppsala University in Sweden. Leave aside the multiple death threats Lars has received and the price Al Qaeda has put on his head, and watch in the video how students physically attack him during a lecture on free speech. As the police try to wrestle down the attacking mob, the students are chanting “Allah hu Akbar!” In this type of liberalism, freedom of speech and press are not allowed but the infamous Muslim jihadist mantra, of course, is.

This false liberalism stands beside the sword of Mohammed that has spread across every continent in the form of student organizations such as MSA and SJP. This false liberalism clearly supports Islamic terrorist organizations such as Hamas, Hezbollah, and Al Qaeda. This false liberalism stands against freedom of speech and freedom of the press. This false liberalism supports honor killings such as the Said sisters that were murdered in Texas by their father for dating non-Muslims. This false liberalism supports the lynching of homosexuals. This false liberalism stands against the progression of women and for the oppression seen on the streets of the radical Islamic territories of the Gaza Strip and Iran. This false liberalism that silenced me in Chicago laughed at live footage of Jewish children running from missiles in Sderot. What has been masked on university campuses worldwide as liberalism is only masked radical Islam.

Unlike, as Daniel Pipes proves, the popular avoidance of the usage of the terms “terrorist” or “terrorism” following the attacks in Mumbai and Ft. Hood, when the un-popular pro-Israel opinion is voiced it is deemed right-wing, extreme, fanatical, conservative, fascist, close-minded, and other exacerbated connotations. I received many responses to an article about removing the terrorist organization of Hamas from Twitter, an apolitical article that readers would undoubtedly agree with.

Some of the responses included:

  • You Guy are wrong Hamas is a resistance organization who are defending their small-left land called GAZAHAMAS has the right to resist until it liberates all palestinve [sic].

  • WHO is a terrorist? Yet a Terrorist. Isael has been taught a small lesson by the Hesbollah and Hamas and they will teach again and again untill those settlers Inclduing Jacob Shrybman should go back to AMerica and where they Came from [sic].

  • Jacob Shrybman is a Settler who came from America and occupied a piece of Palestine Land [sic].

  • Jacob, Do you think that trying to silence one of the few voices this imprisoned people have is going to make Israel look less a jailer? [sic].

  • Hamas was also a response to the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and the ethnic cleansing that has gone with that occupation. So I state again that given Israel’s sixty years of state sponsored and condoned terrorism, attacking Hamas without acknowledging Israeli crimes is hypocritical.

While all five comments vary in their extremity, they all point to the same thing. Each comment in some way excuses or encourages the terrorists’ action using this false liberalism and then bastardizes the democratic state of Israel.

Looking at examples from just this month, of a MSA student in San Diego publicly voicing her support for Hezbollah’s dream of gathering all the Jews in Israel to kill them all in one place; of a student mob in Sweden attacking a controversial cartoonist at his lecture on free speech while chanting “Allah hu Akbar,” and the commonality of the five article comments above, we clearly see this false liberalism as only a mask for collusion with radical Islam.

Jacob Shrybman is the Assistant Director of the Sderot Media Center, He hosts elected officials from around the world and international media visiting the Sderot/Gaza region. He has been published in The Jerusalem Post, The Huffington Post, YNet News, and appeared on several international television and radio stations.


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