For the second time this week, Qassam rockets targeted the western Negev town of Sderot. On Thursday morning, February 26, a Qassam rocket fired by Palestinian terrorists in northern Gaza exploded in the backyard of a Sderot home. A mother and her son were treated for shock as were a number of other civilians in the neighborhood where the rocket struck. No injuries were reported. The Qassam rocket caused damages to two Sderot homes when it exploded. It was a miracle that no one was hurt according to bystanders.

The rocket attack took place around 8:30 am, a few seconds after the Tzeva Adom (Color Red) siren had blared throughout Sderot and surrounding communities. Another rocket landed in the Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council, causing no damages or injuries.

Video:Noam Bedein

On Wednesday morning, February 25, two rockets were fired at the western Negev region as well, hitting the Eshkol region.

On Monday, February 23, Palestinian rockets slammed into open fields outside of Sderot. The Tzeva Adom siren alert, set off twice by impending Gaza rockets, had Sderot residents racing for cover two times on Monday.

Since the end of Operation Cast Lead, over 100 Palestinian rockets including Grads, Qassams and mortar rockets, have struck Israel according to the IDF Spokesperson’s Office.

Photo: Noam Bedein

*YNet News and contributed to this report.


  1. This is no cease fire. This is a joke, but it’s really not a funny joke. There needs to be a "cease war" and until then, the IDF should bomb every last terrorist home and arrest or kill every last terrorist, and destroy every last tunnel and blow up every last munitions dump until there is a final "cease war." Only then, will the Israeli people in the entire country be able to sleep again. All that remains would be Iran and Hizbullah…minor details…but Rome wasn’t built in a day.


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