Police say damage was caused to the home, but no injuries were reported.

A Palestinian rocket fired from the Gaza Strip on Friday exploded in Sderot, causing damage to a home and a nearby bus.

Rocket sirens sounded in the western Negev town as well as surrounding localities shortly after sunset as Jews in Israel sat down for Sabbath dinner.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said a rocket exploded in Sderot, causing damage but no injuries. A bus in the southern city sustained damage in the attack.

The IDF added that it detected a single rocket launched from Gaza.

According to reports, the rocket struck the front yard of a home in Sderot, causing light damage to the residence and a bus that was parked nearby. There are believed to be no injuries.

Bomb squad officers from the Lakhish police sub-district arrived at the scene shortly after the explosion. Photo archive Sderot Media Center

The Israeli military on Thursday deployed the Iron Dome rocket interceptor on the outskirts of the southern city of Ashdod in anticipation of unrest in light of the tensions that have boiled over in Jerusalem.

Israeli officials also were wary of threats made by Islamic Jihad, which vowed to renew attacks on the western Negev in the event that the condition of Muhammad Allan, the suspected terrorist who waged a lengthy hunger strike to protest his administrative detention, would deteriorate.

Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, declared Friday “a day of rage” in response to recent developments on Temple Mount.

Palestinian and Arab anger has percolated in recent days over claims that Israel is provoking Muslims on Temple Mount.

Yaakov Lappin contributed to this report


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