Southern residents to protest in Tel Aviv Thursday, demanding government to protect them from constant Qassam rockets fired at their region.

Eshkol Regional Council children holding signs calling to stop Qassam attacks (Photo: Merav Cohen)

People from across the south will rally in Tel Aviv on Thursday evening, in protest against the constant Qassam attacks that have become a part of their daily routine. “Even one Qassam is one too many” is the slogan of the new campaign, launched by residents of Gaza vicinity communities.

“We’re developing anxieties,” said Merav Cohen, a resident of the Eshkol Regional Council. “We want a quiet, peaceful life without Qassam rockets exploding all the time.”

“The media say ‘no damage; no injuries,’ but that’s not true,” Cohen added. “Every Qassam, even if it hits an open area, bears great emotional damage. We hear the explosion everywhere and the Color Red alerts are in and of themselves horrid. These are things that those who don’t live here aren’t aware of.

Someone has to give us a solution. Relying on our strength is not a solution. We need a practical solution.

“If a Qassam would hit an open area in Tel Aviv, the State would react with great force. We want the same treatment.”

Smadar, who works as a kindergarten teacher in the council, commented: “This is a life without routine; you never know when the siren will go off. We are exhausted. Terror dictates our agenda and we depend on terrorists’ whims.”

On Thursday morning, children across the region showed up to school wearing red t-shirts to symbolize their struggle. Many of them will join their parents in the rally in Tel Aviv.

“We want a life like in Tel Aviv,” Smadar stressed, “where they do whatever they want whenever they want. We want a life that doesn’t involve constantly fearing for our safety and we’re not asking for too much.”

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