A Grad rocket fired from the Gaza Strip hit a backyard in Beersheba Wednesday. Damage was caused to several nearby houses and vehicles. At least four people suffered anxiety attacks and were taken to the Soroka University Medical Center. There are no reports of other injuries.

Palestinian elements said that the IDF launched an attack on the Gaza Strip as a result.

The inhabitants of the house suffered shock and are being treated by a paramedic. The owner of the house said: “We were coming down to the basement, myself and my son, and suddenly all the glasses shattered. It was horrible.”

Yuval Yirmiyahu, a paramedic, said the rocket caused considerable damage, “Two villas were damaged, house windows shattered, doors displaced and shrapnel spread,” he said. Damage was also caused to water pipes.

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An alarm was sounded in the area at around 9:40 pm accompanied by explosion sounds.

The MDA director ordered the alertness level be raised in the Southern District. Police forces are at the scene.

Beerheba Mayor Rubik Danilovitch said one house was hit. “No one was hurt thanks to the fact that everyone entered fortified areas and the rocket landed outdoors.”

One of the residents said he heard the alarm while in his backyard. “As the alarm went off I stepped inside and told the whole family to enter the fortified room. We then heard a loud blast and one of the doors fell inside the living room. Luckily no one was hurt. “

Salit, a Ramat Gan resident whose parents reside in Beesheba told Ynet that the windows at her parents’ house had shattered but that her parents have not been injured.

Noa Raz, a Beersheba resident told Ynet she heard two loud blasts.

The Negev police said they received reports from residents who heard explosions. “We have yet to detect a hit at this point,” one officer said.

Earlier on Wednesday, three mortar bombs in the Shaar Henegev Regional Council. No injuries were reported. One of the bombs exploded near a soccer field, another near a pool and the third near a kibbutz outside the border fence. Also Wednesday, 11 Palestinians were hurt by mortars fired by the IDF in the eastern Gaza Strip.

The Islamic Jihad’s military wing, Al-Quds Brigades, claimed its people fired two mortars at IDF forces which crossed the fence, causing the tanks to fire shells back at them. According to the Islamic Jihad, three of their men were injured, one was severely injured.

Last Saturday, a rocket landed in an open area in the Eshkol Regional Council. No alarm was sounded. There were no reports of injuries or damage.

Tova Dadon contributed to this report


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