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Before today’s topic here is some information.

Yesterday Israel agreed to cease its fire today between 10:00-15:00 (10am to 3pm).

Hamas apparently also agreed to ceasefire. But in the early morning they sent a team of atleast 13 terrorists

through a tunnel heavily armed to Israel to murder and kidnap Israeli civilians.

Fortunatley, the IDF thwarted that attempt.now in 12:00 (2 hours into the ceasefire) Hamas launched rockets at Israel. few minutes before 15:00/3pm Hamas resumed fighting.

this is the face of Hamas, targeting innocent civilians and not giving a crap about international laws, morals, or anything similar to this.

Now lets go into todays topic: Hamas Targets CHILDREN!

As we know, this escalation began in June 12 2014, Hamas kidnapped the 3 teenagers Eyal, Gilad and Naftaly, murdering them minutes later and buring them in a hole, for later using their bodies for “negotiations”.

Meanwhile, Hamas kept shooting rockets, rockets they shoot indiscriminatley, many of them fall in Gaza, some in palestinian villages, some hit the power lines between Israel and Gaza.

Also, in many places in Israel that Hamas targets like Sderot, Haifa, Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv there are many Arabs, Muslims, Christians and other ethnicities and faiths. Synagouges, Mosques and Churches are in their range, including the Al-Aqsa mosque in the temple mount in Jerusalem, which they claim is holy for them.

But as I said Hamas don’t care, they only want death, violence and bloodshed.

More than that, Hamas bring children to launching sites, or send them and other civilians to stand between IDF and weapon storage rooms, launching pads, Hamas commanders and more, they put them in danger, using children as human sheilds.

While in Israel, summer camps have been canceled in southen Israel, the boyscouts canceled their main summer event, teenagers been underfire during high school finals, rockets hit schools.

in July 10, rocket hit play-ground, a 9 year old was saved from shrapnels because a tree was standing between him and the shrapnels.

In July 9-10 teenagers 12 and 14 had broken limbs after falling when running to shelter.

July 10, a 3 months old baby was hurt falling when his mother fell down the stairs taking him for shelter.

In July 12, a husband and wife driving to hospital to give birth to her baby were caught in alarm in the middle of the road. He Had to deliver his daughter under fire.

In July 12, a 16 year old and 19 year old girl were injured while running for shelter.

In July 13 a 16 year old was injured severly from a rocket hit.

In July 14, 10 and 13 year old girls who are bedouin muslims were hit and injured severly by rocket.

This are not the only children harmed by Hamas, there are more.

Beyond this physical injuries, do you know what is like for a child to live with trauma?

Whats its like for him to suffer from PTSD? Always thinking about his death, or his loved ones dying, feeling depression, crying alot, being constantly afraid, having nightmares, not sleeping, losing control of their body like bladder, feeling physical symptoms. Would you let your child grow up in this reality?

Let him be at risk everyday? Not knowing if he will ever return from school? Not being able to enjoy summer vacation? Can’t hangout with his friends? Or maybe let him live in constant fear of death, like the sword of Damocles is hanging above is head, all the time?

Or maybe would you like your child to hangout with murderers, hangout in a launching pad that might explode, or a rocket will hit him? maybe send him to be a human sheild for a weapon storage room?

Maybe you him to be educated to believe that there is nothing as noble, awesome and great as comitting suicide and that death is beautiful? Or maybe you want him to be a good old terrorist planning to kill thousands?

Children of both Israel and Gaza suffer from the terrorism, and the sick, twisted, hateful, violent minds of Hamas.


Dov Trachtman – The Man in Fort


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