Following is a report regarding the civilian and humanitarian activities taken by the Israeli authorities during the month of August 2010:

Expanding the Civilian Policy towards the Gaza Strip

According to the Cabinet’s decision to expand the civilian policy towards the GazaStrip, Israel has implemented the following measures:

The capacity of the Kerem Shalom crossing was increased by 170% so that 250 truckloads will enter the Gaza Strip via Kerem Shalom on a daily basis.

The list of controlled items to the Gaza Strip was published on July 5th. The list is located in the Prime Minister’s Office website: .

  • Promoting the implementation of International projects –
    – 14 projects were approved prior to the Cabinet’s decision.
    – 31 new projects were approved in the first package.
    – The second package of projects is in advanced staff work.
  • A Joint COGAT – PA team was established in order to promote projects that are funded and supervised by the international community.
  • A joint team between COGAT, the MOD Crossing Authority and the PA was established in order to enhance the capacity of the existing operational crossings.

Main Points

  • During the month there was an increase of 41% in the volume of truckloads entering the Gaza strip through the Kerem Shalom crossing and Karni Conveyor.
  • During the month there was an increase of 34% in the volume of Heavy Duty Diesel delivered to the power plant, 6% increase in Cooking Gas delivered into the Gaza Strip.
  • During the month, 2,248 Palestinians entered Israel, West Bank and abroad.
  • 60% increase in number of businessmen that exit the Gaza Strip during the month.
  • During the month 796 international staff members enteredexited the Gaza Strip.
  • 31.5 million NIS were delivered to the Palestinian bank in Gaza.
  • During the month, several high rank members of the international community visited the Gaza strip, among them the Foreign Minister of Norway and his companions and 52 other diplomatic delegations.

Movements and Permits

  • During the month, 2,248 Palestinians exited the Gaza Strip through Erez crossing.
  • Overall 2,980 permits were issued for Palestinians to cross through Erez, including:
    – 1,531 permits were issued for medical cases-769 patients and 762 companions, to receive medical treatment in Israel, the West Bank and abroad.
    – 24 permits were issued for embassy visa interviews.
    – 19 permits were issued for attendance in conventions and professional medical seminars.
  • 406 businessmen exited the Gaza Strip.

Projects Implementation Status

  • The transfer of equipment for approved projects in the Gaza strip has continued according to the coordination with the international organizations.
  • The implementation of approved projects:
    – Water treatment Plant
    – The water treatment plant in Rafa- Part B (ICRC) – 7 truckloads of Pipes, Pumps, Filters and other equipment were delivered during the month.
    – 900 Greenhouses (USAID)- 69 greenhouses (23 truckloads) were delivered during the month.
    – Agricultural Family Plots (USAID) – agricultural inputs (4 truckloads) were delivered during the month.

The Activity of the International Community

  • Movement of International staff members- overall 796 movements were recorded through Erez during the month.
  • 57 Palestinian with scholarships exited the Gaza Strip for academic studies abroad.
  • 52 diplomatic delegations entered the Gaza Strip during the month.
  • During this month 18 donation requests were approved to the Gaza Strip.
  • The activity of UNMAS was reduced due to the lack of cooperation by Hamas.

Humanitarian Infrastructure

  • During the month the supply of electricity and water from Israel was maintained.
  • The transfer of fuel continued thou out the month, according to the PA’s requests:
    – 5,565,173 liters of Diesel for the power plant were transferred.
    – 3,428 tons of Cooking Gas were transferred into the Gaza strip.
    – 82,750 liters of Gasoline and 505,739 liters of Diesel Fuel for transportation were transferred.
  • Maintenance equipment were transfer for infrastructure nets according to the PA’s requests:
    – 4 truckloads of equipment for the Palestinian Water Authority were delivered.
    – 9 truckloads of equipment and spare parts were delivered for the Palestinian Energy Authority.
  • During August, the transfer of 300,000 “G’awal” sim cards and 1.5 million dialing card was coordinated.

Money Transfer

  • 31.5 million NIS were transferred to the Palestinian Bank
  • 13.5 million dollars for UNRWA’s salaries were delivered into the Gaza Strip.

Crossing activity

  • During the moth 5,171 truckloads entered the Gaza Strip, including:

Merchandise Traffic to the Gaza Strip

Commodities transfer through the Crossings into the Gaza Strip

Fuel Transfers for the Month of July

Stock Transfer by Category


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