The “Victory” departed from Turkey, stopping in Alexandria; IDF says weapons on board were meant for “terrororganizations in the Gaza Strip;” ship flies Liberian flag, owned by German company.

The IDF took over a commercial ship 200 miles off of Israel’s coast, due to suspicions that it was delivering weapons to Gaza .

The ship, known as Victory, had a Liberian flag. It departed from Turkey, stopping in Alexandria yesterday.

The Victory is being led to Israel so its contents can be examined. Its passengers did not resist the takeover.

“The weapons on the ship were meant for terrororganizations in the Gaza Strip,” the IDF spokesman explained.

The IDF and the Foreign Ministry notified the German authorities of the arrest, because the ship belonged to a German company, and France, because the company operating the ship was French, as well as the Liberian government.

Photo by: IDF


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