On Thursday evening, May 16, Sderot Media Center was invited to an Im Tirtzu dinner event. SMC set up an information booth for guests, where a photo gallery of the rocket situation in Sderot was also on display. Im Tirzu is a student organization made up of college students hailing from six Israeli universities and colleges. The organization was established in January 2007 to counter receding Zionism among Israelis.

Its three main objectives are to offer Israelis Zionistic ideals in the form of briefings and pamphlets, to carry out projects within the community in order to bring awareness to students of other populations, and finally, to provide an answer to anti-Zionist propaganda and actions especially among academics and on college campuses.

Im Tirzu sees Sderot as the frontlines for Israel and therefore brought the issue of the rocket situation to the attention of the evening guests through the presence of Sderot Media Center staff.


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