Dozens of reporters gathered today, April 14, at the courtyard of the police station in Sderot.

Mayor Eli Moyal, paced around the courtyard in anticipation of the arrival of Jimmy Carter, president of the United States from 1977-1981. After a half-hour wait, at 1:30 in the afternoon, Carter arrived, accompanied by his wife Rosalyn and secret service.

The spokesperson for the police gave a lengthy demonstration of Qassam rockets. Behind the president stood hundreds of Qassams that have fallen on Sderot over the past years. At the conclusion of the presentation, Carter refrained from answering questions, offering only a brief statement.

“I think it’s a despicable crime for any effort to be made to kill innocent civilians and I hope there will be a ceasefire soon,” he said.

From the police station, Carter took a short tour of the city, including a visit to a damaged home, and concluded with a visit at the city hall with the mayor.


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