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Israel copes with an existential battle greater than any that the Jewish state has coped with since 1948. Iran is on the

verge of acquiring nuclear weapons; Egypt is in the throes of a revolution; Syria is re-arming Hezbollah in Lebanon;

Palestinian terrorist organizations gain increasing strength in Judea, Samaria, Gaza and in the Israeli Arab community.

Winning that existential war means winning the battle for the hearts and minds of public opinion. This becomes

increasingly difficult for Israel to do because of a sophisticated campaign of disinformation, and increased unfamiliarity

with Israel’s human story.


The Center uncovers facts and human interest stones and shares them broadly on a timely basis. The Center

commissions experts to draft studies, news reports, and analytic pieces, along with carefully documented material

for major journalists, elected officials and opinion makers. Additionally, the Center arranges public forums, briefings,

tours and press conferences at the Israeli Knesset, the U.S. Congress, the Canadian Parliament, the Press Centers

in Jerusalem, the UN Correspondents Association in New York City, the National Press Club in Washington DC, and

other venues which can impact on the media and on public opinion.


The Center investigations focus on UNRWA Palestinian refugee policies; The human situation in Sderot and the

Western Negev; Organizations that act in tandem with Palestinian terrorist groups; and the message conveyed by

official Arabic language Palestinian Authority media and educational institutions.


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