March 1, 2008: Fifty rockets were fired from Gaza, injuring 22 Israeli civilians in Sderot and Ashkelon on Saturday, as well as causing extensive damage to homes and property.

Early Saturday morning shortly after 5:00 a.m., four rockets struck Ashkelon, one of which hit a house directly. A woman and two children were lightly wounded and others suffered shock in one of the rocket attacks. A car exploded in flames after being hit by another missile in the city. On Saturday afternoon, three people were wounded when rockets hit the marina in Ashkelon, about 15 kilometers from the Gaza Strip. (

March 3, 2008: Three Grad-type katyusha rockets were fired at Ashkelon on Monday morning; one hit a seven-story building and the second a playground near a kindergarten, where dozens of children were beginning their day. Twenty-eight people were evacuated to the Barzilai Hospital, most of them suffering from shock. (

March 4, 2008: A home in Sderot sustained heavy damage from a direct hit by a Qassam rocket early Tuesday morning. The couple were away at the time, having given in to their daughter’s plea that they stay with relatives near Tel-Aviv. (

March 13, 2008: At least 13 Qassam rockets were fired at Sderot from the northern Gaza Strip Wednesday night following a brief lull in attacks on southern Israel communities.

Two rockets landed in town, one near a school and the other next to a warehouse, causing some damage. (Ynet News)

March 14, 2008: Palestinian terror groups launched 64 Qassam rockets and mortars throughout Thursday. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for some of the rocket attacks. (

March 20, 2008: On the day presumptive Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain visited Sderot, a Qassam rocket hit Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council in the western Negev. Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack. Four mortars were also launched. (Ynet News)

March 26, 2007: Twenty rockets and mortars were fired at Sderot and the western Negev, wounding two and sending nine residents into shock; buildings were also damaged. Also on Wednesday, an Israeli was lightly wounded when Gaza gunmen fired at a group of farmers near Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha. (JPost)

According to an IDF spokesman, 196 Qassam rockets and 103 mortars were launched at Sderot and the Western Negev from Gaza during the month of March.
From March 1-6, 300 Israelis were wounded by rocket fire (MDA).


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