Palestinian rocket explosions marked by the wail of the Tzeva Adom siren alert sounded throughout the day in Sderot and the western Negev. Beginning on Tuesday night, 60 Palestinian rockets have slammed Sderot, the western Negev, and Ashkelon.
One Grad-Katyusha hit outside a home in Ashkelon, sending several people into shock, while destroying a storage shed and shattering the windows of the Ashkelon home. Another Grad-Katyusha slammed into an Ashkelon factory, causing extensive damage. In all, seven Grad-Katyusha rockets hit Ashkelon today.

Photo: Roy Edan

Barzilai Medical Center reported that of the 24 people hospitalized for shock on Wednesday, 12 were children.
In the Sdot Negev Regional Council, a Palestinian rocket directly hit a home, causing extensive damage as well. No one was wounded in the attack.
During the early morning, a barrage of Palestinian rockets were fired at Netivot, with one landing in the industrial zone of the city and several more in the agricultural fields outside the city. Another Palestinian rocket landed outside a Netivot Youth Center. Two Netivot residents were treated for trauma.

Among the rockets fired from the Gaza Strip in the morning, one Palestinian rocket failed to clear the border and landed in the Gaza town of Beit Lahiya, lightly wounding two Palestinian civilians.
Several Qassams were fired at Sderot with one falling 50 meters outside Sderot Media Center in an industrial center, shattering the windows of several offices in the area and sending a number of people into shock.
Sderot Media Center staff were in the office at the time the office at the time the rocket hit. “We heard the shriek of the Qassam zooming over and the office literally shook from the impact of the rocket explosion,” said Itzik Yarkoni.

Photo: Roy Edan

On Tuesday, five Qassam rockets were fired at Sderot and the western Negev. One Palestinan rocket landed 30 meters away from the Sderot home that was directly hit by a Qassam rocket this past Sunday.
In all, 37 Palestinian rockets, and 23 mortar shells were fired at Israel in the past 24hours. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the morning rocket terror.

*Jerusalem Post and YNet News contributed to this report.


  1. observing the picture taken by roy edan, showing a man carrying the two little girls, i was trying in vain to make out what was normal in this picture and what wasn’t. i still can’t. if the picture was taken at the time of an alarm-siren, than the men walking in the background should have been running. if on the other hand there was no alarm, than why are the man and the two little girls wearing such a deeply disturbed expression?
    i come to sderot every week. everything lookes normal, especially when you get used to running to the shelter and carrying on with your daily life right afterwards. but when you take a long observing look at people, you find out that nothing’s really normal.


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