To: UN Independent Commission of Inquiry on 2014 Gaza Conflict

Dear Sirs

We enclose our Report- Proportionality in the Gaza War: What Do Death Tolls and Missile Attacks in Gaza and Israel Tell Us: An Epidemiologic Assessment.

We request acknowledgement of receipt of this Report.

At the same time, we note with concern that the Mandate of the Commission is, in our opinion, selective, biased and discriminatory, recycling the structural and substantive shortcomings of the Inquiry into Operation Cast Lead chaired by Professor Richard Goldstone.

I call your attention to the fact that Professor Goldstone later courageously repudiated the errors of omission and commission in the OCL Inquiry. The reasons he gave were more or less similar to those in an opinion which I myself submitted to him. The Commission officially acknowledged receipt but neglected to include it in its Appendix of submitted documents.

The OCL inquiry did not enhance the credibility of the UNHRC as an organization. It certainly did not contribute to Reconciliation based on Truth. The burden of proof is on Professor Schabas and other members of the new Commission to show otherwise, given its grotesquely slanted mandate and statements indicating prior bias by members of the Commission, including Professor Schabas. I say all this with feelings of both sadness and anger.

Please understand that this submission to the Commission does not in any way represent recognition of its mandate.


Elihu D Richter MD MPH (signed)
Associate Professor (Retired)
Jerusalem Center for Genocide Prevention


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