IDF forces have found the remnants of a Qassam rocket which exploded in an agricultural field in the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council Wednesday night. No injuries or damage was reported.

At around 1 am, a Color Red siren was reportedly heard in the area, but no blast was immediately reported.

The renewal of rocket fire at Israel took place on the eve of Sukkot, at a time when most families are at home holding holiday dinners.

Local residents were quick to make their way from their bedrooms to their fortified shelter rooms as the siren sounded late Wednesday night.

“During the first couple of seconds we contemplated going to the protective room, because there has recently been a large number of false alarms, but in the end we got up and took the kids into the shelter,” a regional council resident said.

“It was hard to wake them, and when we did they were very confused. We have grown accustomed to quiet. Our heart was beating fast and it took a long time to calms down afterwards.

“Obviously, it ruins the holiday, but we will keep sitting in the Sukkah, and if there is need we’ll run to the shelter,” she added.

Wednesday night’s rocket came after more than a month of relative quiet in the area. The last rocket that fell in the region exploded in Sderot but did not cause any injuries or damages.


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