The city of Sderot is nearing the completion of its first playground equipped with bomb shelters.

“It is very important to us in Sderot to have protected playgrounds for the children to play,” Sderot spokesperson Shalom HaLevi said. “We plan to build more.”

“The idea of the park is that when there is a Tzeva Adom [alarm], the children can run quickly to safety in the tunnels,” said construction manager Boaz Etzion.

The park should be finished in about a month and will look quite different than it does now, he added. Among other amenities, such as lights and a fountain, the tunnels that serve as shelter from the rockets will be designed to resemble a centipede to make them look like part of the park, rather than bomb shelters.

The construction of the playground is being funded by Ariyeh Green, according to Etzion, who said the tunnels alone cost 150,000 NIS.

HaLevi confirmed that the funding came from donations, but would not specify the source of the donations.


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