There is an urgent need for the youth of Sderot and the Western Negev to express themselves. Eight years of Palestinian missiles on the western Negev has wreaked heavy psychological damage upon children and adults in the area. Negev residents awaken to fear and anxiety each week-as the red alert siren, the Tzeva Adorn sounds throughout the city to warn residents of impending Palestinian missile attacks.

SMC understands the fear of these children because SMC staff experiences the missile attacks right along with them. SMC’s interaction with these victims has given it the opportunity to understand the needs of residents who have been battered both economically and psychologically by the Palestinian missiles. Past SMC projects have included a Creative Writing Contest for community residents and the facilitation of a theater therapy camp for Sderot children who performed in New York and Boston in 2007.

THIS YEAR the SMC has launched the 2008-2009 Sderot Community Treatment Theater to help area high school students express their stories and relate their rocket experiences through the theater.

Two high schools were chosen to take part in the project; Amit Mekif Dati and the Amit Ulpana. In each school, a group of 15 girls were chosen to produce the theaterical play which will derive much of its material from discussions and activities that will take place in the therapy sessions and workshops. The girls will write the script, perform and produce the play, with the guidance of the SMC theater director.

Psychologist Debby Gross, and clinical social worker, Nechama Munk facilitate each session with the students. Sderot Media theater director, Livnat Shaubi, oversees all aspects of the project. The treatment therapy sessions will be documented by video cameras, in order to be used later on as ‘hasbara’ or advocacy material on the rocket situation in Sderot.

Sderot Theater Progress 2008-2009

1) Community theater now in motion!

2) First meeting with high school girls and principal

3) Theater Sessions: SMC theater director, Livnat Shaubi meets with high school students and social workers

4) Acting Out Against Rockets in Sderot

The SMC vision is to open a facility that will provide therapy for youth victims of rocket attacks through the arts. It is crucial that Israeli victims of Palestinian missile terror learn to share their stories through creative means of expression that will eventually reach people across the world.

In order for this vision to become a reality, SMC seeks your sponsorship.


The SMC Community Theater therapy program entails the following:

  • Each Sderot Community Treatment Theater will be run by a theater professional, assisted by a mental health professional.
  • Each production workshop will recruit 20-30 teenagers who have been diagnosed with symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.
  • Participants will be given the chance to share the untold story of the traumatic human consequence of life under Palestinian missiles fired from Gaza.
  • Each performance will be filmed, footage will be edited and provided for the electronic media and for the film industry in Israel and abroad.
  • The time allotted for each production will be three months. 

View articles and video of SMC’s previous Sderot Children’s Theater in July 2007:

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‘The loudest memories’- The Boston Globe

Sunday, July 29, 2007
’19 Sderot children performing on Monday, July 30th in Brooklyn: “Life Under Fire in Sderot”‘


  1. I have been there. I pray for Israel and the HolyCity of Jeresulam daily. I am a Christian, but have spent several years in the Middle East (5). I deplore HAMAS and their unholy war of terror. The cowards target children and try to disrupt daily life of ordinary people. My prayers are with you all. May Adonai protect you always

  2. keep sending these images and protests to all major newspapers of the world, lets use the media to our advantage as the Palastinians use their propaganda, with same footage time and time again. We must use our best politicians, journalists etc. to let the world know what is happening to Israelis on a daily and yearly occurrance. Satuarate the media with our own stories, and educate the ignorant masses that Israel existed for the jews before l948, as many do not know.

  3. In 1979 my mother’s brothers and sisters left the Former Solvet Union arriving in Israel in the late hours of the day. Without a clue of where their new home would be, in the middle of the night, they were put into a van that dropped them off in Sderot. Like the Jewish Settlements in Gaza, Sedrot was a military tactic desinged to protect it’s boarders. You are the soldiers of our home land. Thank you for not listening to me when I begged you to leave Sderot and come to a safe haven whether it be the US or simply up north. Your scares are not in vain I see what you have done for your fellow Jew and I commend you.

  4. shalom to all of you just fantastic the short films you have managed to produce and the courage you all show during all this hours /weeks/months/years of red colour-alerts.Please have courage/we are with you through the hectic days and nights.Ki imanu el wehaikar lo lefached.Can I e-mail short goodnight stories to the smaller/bigger children with nice calming material /worked for 20 years as a teacher/gil harach-18 years old and have worked in Israel ,sweden/Denmark with education.we wish with our hearts that this week will bring more shalom.Shawua tow.


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