Sderot Community Treatment Theater Budget

Sderot Community Treatment Theater Budget
Staff Role Cost for the whole project in NIS
Project Manager Everything that goes along with managing the project. Managing the students and the staff. Researching the stories. Coordinating the project. 65,000 NIS
Director Write the script for the play. Direct and coordinate the students throughout the project. 30,000 NIS
Sound and Lighting Manage the sound and lighting. 10,000 NIS
The Set Create the set on the theater stage. Also, create video set that will be shown. 6,500 NIS
Year Service Volunteers Assist with the research and the director. No cost
Rehearsals Sderot Arts Center Donation
Total Sum 111,500 NIS

Cost Per Single Performance

Item Cost Comments
Renting the venue 6,000 NIS Sderot Community Center- 1,500 NIS
Sound and Lighting 3,500 NIS
The Set 5,000 NIS
Marketing and Promotion 4,000 NIS
Potential income from ticket sales 6,000 NIS
Total Sum 12,500 NIS


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