Dear readers,

Yesterday, Kadima voters took to the polls to cast their vote for the future of their party and the government of Israel.

In November, Sderot voters will do the same, but to cast a vote for the future leadership of their city.

When it comes to Israel, people often overlook local elections because there are so many pressing issues at the national level. In reality, though, local elections are often the most important for any city, particularly a small city like Sderot with a bevy of economic and social problems, on top of its security problems.

Photo: Maor moravia, “short”

While we are not politically inclined toward any candidate, we at Sderot Media Center believe that the local elections here represent an aspect of the people of Sderot.

Therefore we will be covering the mayoral elections by publishing interviews with the mayoral candidates, so they can explain what they plan to do for the city and its people.

In addition, for each interview with a candidate, we will publish a corresponding interview with a Sderot resident about his/her opinions on the elections, what voting means to that person, what are the issues, etc.

We want to stress again that this is not politically motivated. Rather we believe it is an opportunity for us to show a human aspect of Sderot, and for our readers to gain meaningful insight into the lives of the people.

Thank you for you readership,

The Sderot Media Center editorial staff


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