Netherlands, 12.4.10: The first media awareness campaign for Sderot in the Netherlands was conducted during the second week of April. Sderot Media Center director, Noam Bedein was initially invited by Dutch resident and Israel supporter, Martin M.J. van Dalen to visit Holland in a trip sponsored by the Pillars of Fire, a Christian organization, and in alliance with the Dutch Parliament House in the The Hague.

Bedein spent the week traveling around the country mainly to Christian communities and high schools, presenting the Sderot rocket reality and providing information tools to counterbalance the Gaza narrative. Bedein also met with key representatives from the Chrisitan communities, and also spent a day visiting in the Hague, where he met with Israeli Embassy representatives from the Public and Cultural Affairs, along with the third ranking Member of Parliament in in the Christian Unity Party. All those who met with Bedein were receptive and willing to open doors in the near future for presentations on Israel’s security reality.

Presentation at the ‘Van Lodenstein’ College, Barneveld, Netherlands

Bedein’s visit began at a ‘Holocaust Remembrance Day’ ceremony in the concentration camp known as Westerbook in the northern part of Holland, which marked 65 years to the camp’s liberation.

The importance of Sderot Media Center’s awareness campaign was far reaching in the Netherlands,especially with the Christian community and the country’ political officials.
There is great potential in having the Netherlands as a main base of education and information distribution, considering that its neighboring countries, Germany and France are influential players in the European Union as well as Brussels and The Hague.

SMC’s plan for continued Sderot awareness campaigns in the future both in Europe, using Netherlands as a base, and elsewhere around the world relies upon a clear understanding that:

1. The “rocket reality” in Sderot and the western Negev will continue unabated.

2. Gaza is the only Arab territory in the Middle East ruled by a radical Islamist terror group that is run from Iran by remote control.

3. The residents of Sderot and the western Negev, especially the younger generation, will need decades of psychological help and rehabilitation to lead normal healthy lives after years of rocket attacks on their communities.

For more on Sderot Media Center’s past awareness campaigns in North America, South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, Norway, England, and Australia, visit

More Photos:

Holocaust remembrance day ceremony at the ‘Westerbork’ camp site


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