Jewish Symbols In the Shadow of Terror

The Jewish ritual objects that remain, even under the shadow of terror, are the same symbols,that remain undamaged and unhurt, even in the face of continuous rocket attacks. Even though enormous material damage has been done all around it, a Hanukka menorah stays whole, and the Sabbath candlesticks remain where they stood, proud and unbroken. While we cannot ignore the painful reality that more than seven thousand rockets have been fired from Gaza at the Israeli towns around it, we must see the many miracles that have also happened here, and whose reality we see in these traditional Jewish symbols.

(The pictures are in the album, “Jewish Ritual Objects under the Shadow of Terror”, which can be bought…)

About Rosh ha Shana

Rabbi Pizem, who lives in Sderot, is explaining the meaning of the Jewish custom of blowing the shofar, or ram’s horn, on the Jewish New Year.
He hopes that the sound of the shofar will replace that of the “Tzeva Adom” alarm that means a rocket attack is fifteen seconds away.


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