During the past hours, five missiles landed in a classroom in Be’er Sheva. Providentially, classes had been cancelled today and therefore no child was hurt. This serves to emphasise that Hamas terrorists, who fire from residential areas in Gaza, are firing their missiles into residential areas in Israel.

The fact that Hamas Grad missiles have hit Be’er Sheva is testament to the fact that their missiles have a range of 40 kilometres. During the ealier part of the morning, three missiles landed in Ashkelon. There have been numerous damages to buildings and physical injuries in this morning’s missile attacks.

Sderot too, was fired at. Its people refusing to be cowered and are standing firm as it has over the past eight years. The resolve of the residents of Sderot is even more entrenched, knowing that the Israeli airforce is pounding Hamas installations and operatives.

This mornig Hamas said they had lobbed ten Katyushka Grad into Israel.

Hamas leaders remain underground, fearing for their lives. Meanwhile, the Israel airforce continues to hit military installations in Gaza. There has been talk of a ‘hudna’ ceasefire sought by Hamas which has lost many of its fighters and suffered considerable damage and losses to property and weapons stores.

At 12.20 there were two further attacks on Ashkelon. There have been a number of injuries.

In total, some 30 missiles have been fired into Israel this morning.

Ashkelon Killer Rocket


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