Senator Scott Brown (R – MA) visited Sderot yesterday and viewed the warehouse of Qassam rockets that have been fired from Gaza over the past 9 years. Senator Brown is a political conservative and known to be a strong supporter of Israel.
Last year Brown took the Senatorial seat long held by Democrat Ted Kennedy. His landslide victory in liberal Democrat-dominated Massachusetts was seen as signaling a dramatic change in American politics.

Video:Eliran Chen

In his June 6, 2010 speech to AIPAC, Senator Brown affirmed his commitment to Israel and identified the real source of conflict in the Middle East and around the world. He said: We are engaged in a worldwide struggle against radical, violent jihad. It is the defining issue of our time. Our best friends and the strongest allies in this fight are in the State of Israel. The Massachusetts Senator also noted the profound difference between Hamas-dominated Gaza and the State of Israel: Israel is a democracy. Hamas is a terrorist group with clear and genuine intentions of destroying Israel’s way of life.
Noam Bedein, Director of Sderot Media Center, spoke with Senator Brown and give him a short briefing in the Qassam rocket gallery behind the Sderot police station.

Senator Scott Brown and Noam Bedein – Sderot Media Center Director


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