To our families, friends, and visitors from around the world

As the New Year approaches, please stop for a moment and think about the challenges, Sderot and southern Israel are facing. Imagine the day-to day living on the borders of Hamas- controlled Gaza. Most of the Israelis living on this border are threatened by Iran and its terrorist allies.

The Sderot Media Center has taken upon itself the ambitious goal of speaking to the global public. We are willing to host people from around the world, because we believe, that first-hand experience with the truth about Israeli resilience and living under the constant threat of rocket fire would be meaningful, considering the current intolerable situation.

This past year alone, more than 600 rockets and missiles were fired from Gaza into Israel, a total of 1,644 rockets fired since the ‘cease fire’ that began on Jan 18, 2009, the last day of “Operation Cast Lead”.

The SMC is endorsed by two government offices – the Ministry of Strategic Affairs and the Ministry of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora – both of whom applaud SMC’s initiatives.

SMC’s costs: SMC has received a matching grant, offered from a US foundation that is valid until Dec 31, 2012.

Any contribution over $1,000 will be match by this foundation.

Summary of SMC activity for Summer 2012 & Future Goals

During the past 2 months (July& August 2012), SMC hosted 2,304 visitors from around the world, welcoming 50 busloads of visitors in July alone.


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