January 22, 2008

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Israeli Foreign Ministry’s Recommendation Letter for Sderot Media Center

An Overview: Sderot Media Center’s Activities during Operation Cast Lead

During the past three weeks of Operation Cast Lead (December 27, 2008–January 18, 2009), Sderot Media Center reached its apex of media production-in working to provide the international media with on-the-ground updates on Hamas rocket fire against Sderot residents. With over 796 Hams rockets fired at Israel during the war, SMC continued to operate full time, with its six staffers and four interns, even under intense Read more

Israeli Foreign Ministry’s Recommendation Letter for Sderot Media Center

The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs has officially requested that the Sderot Media Center provide all Israeli diplomatic offices around the world with first-hand exclusive material that the Sderot Media Center has produced, documented and presented. 1,500 comprehensive packets of Sderot Media Center print and audiovisual materials were distributed to 101 Israel diplomatic missions by the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs and funded through Read More

Advocate for Israel

In light of the current Hamas war on southern Israel, SMC has organized a Sderot-advocacy information kit– available on-line for your free use. The information pack includes the latest videos, photos, and articles on the Qassam rocket fire on Sderot and its impact on area residents. Read more

From SMC Director

“It has become clear today that Israel needs to aggressively and proactively compete and confront the backdrop of images of death and devastation that will now emanate from Gaza, and to convey the trauma of the rocket and missile reality that has plagued the southern region of Israel.

The SMC task at this time is to balance this kind of coverage, with the Sderot story, conveyed through the arts of the media- in a creative way, to a diverse audience.

This has become a successful and workable concept to present and emphasize the current reality of more than 1 million Israeli citizens who now dwell under the missile threat from Gaza. “

Noam Bedein
Sderot Media Center director

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