March 5, 2009

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Gaza Grad Rocket Strikes Ashkelon School on Saturday

Palestinian Rocket Terror Continues Despite Ceasefire.
February 28: Palestinian terrorists fired six rockets at southern Israel throughout Saturday. A Grad-type rocket struck an Ashkelon school, causing heavy damage to classrooms in the morning. Although a number of Ashkelon civilians were treated for shock, further injuries were prevented because the school was closed.
The Grad rocket tore through the school, after the air raid siren sounded around 8:43 am, warning Ashkelon residents of the impending rocket attack. The rocket destroyed several classrooms as shrapnel exploded everywhere. Jerusalem Post reported that Ashkelon’s Deputy Mayor, Shlomo Cohen stated that the rocket-struck school suffered damages to the point that the school would not be able to open on Sunday. “We will have to find an alternative solution for the students,” Cohen stated. Read more

From Northern Ireland to Sderot: Member of British Parliament Visits Sderot

Having lived through and seen over three decades of violence, losing two family members to terrorism, and playing a major role in the 1998 resolution of the Northern Ireland conflict, Member of British Parliament Jeffrey Donaldson visited Sderot with Sderot Media Center this Monday. MP Donaldson is from the Lagan Valley of Northern Ireland and also holds an honorable position on Her Majesty’s Most Honourable Privy Council. He was brought to Sderot and accompanied by Michael Onifer of the Eagles’ Wings organization.

MP Donaldson knows all too well the hardships of terrorism as he lost two family members to the Irish Republican Army (IRA) in the Northern Ireland conflict and has fought against the forces of terror his entire life. Read more and watch the video

Sderot Community Treatment Theater ® 2009

Sderot High School Girls Talk About Rocket Attacks

Every Wednesday, we gather together with the high school students in the ‘Tranquility’ room at the local religious high school.
This time I actually felt that for the first time the group was finally beginning to bond. Sixteen girls arrived at the designated time. The hesitation and the curiosity the girls felt towards one another was Read more and watch the video

Sderot Girls Inspired by Gush Etziyon Women’s Theater Group

The girls acting in the Sderot Community Theater play, “Noar Sderat HaKasam” (“Youth of the Qassam Way”), have gone this week to watch the Gush-Etzion women’s theater play, which focuses on the subject of courage. Watching the different
Read more and watch the video

Read all about – Sderot Community Treatment Theater ® 2009

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