The challenge today in Sderot, is to tell the story. Every single family has its own unique story of a kassam rocket exploding next to them…

How do you tell so many stories? How does one express a reality where rockets fall daily upon civilian homes, kindergartens, schools and synagogues?

“To listen, observe and to try to put into words my feelings and thoughts. As a photo journalist- Sometimes taking photographs would do the job. Every photo is a unique experience and as the saying goes: one photo is worth 1,000 words.”

Part of SMC’s goal is to create awareness through the arts of the Media-

photo exhibits and gallery shows our one of our best ways to capture people ‘s attention, to take a moment and observe, to appeal to a larger and diverse audience.

SMC has produced photo exhibits that were displayed all around Israel and north America, and built different kinds of exhibits that appeal to the diverse public-

Jewish Centers and Synagogues- ” Jewish Symbols in the Shadow of terror”-/bin/gallery.cgi?a=2

Photo galleries, art displays- ” In the corner of my eye”- different items that the photographer took notice -/bin/gallery.cgi?a=3

Coffee shops- “From the Far-East- to Sderot”- photos from the far-east and the contrast in Sderot-/bin/gallery.cgi?a=13

Schools and campuses- ” Sderot reality” – A gallery that emphasizes the rocket reality from all of it’s aspects; People, damages, rockets, and Art.-/bin/gallery.cgi?a=12&Rank=13


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