19 Av 5771 (19 August 2011) Day 231 11:25

According to the IDF Spokespersons Unit, 17 Missiles were launched from Gaza to Israeli territory following yesterday’s terrorist attacks in the Eilat area.

One rocket struck an Ashdod Synagogue rooftop, seriously injuring two people. Eight others were lightly injured.,7340,L-4110995,00.html

Another rocket landed next to a children’s school.

At the time of this report, in spite of correspondence with BBC’s Jerusalem Office, the BBC has not reported the missile count. Instead, the IDF’s response has been reported extensively.

Residents of the Negev and the South have been given new security instructions to stay close to protected buildings and not to make unnesssary journeys outside.

UPDATE19 Aug 2011 13:28

Around 20 rockets fired at Israel from Gaza in past day


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