SMC’s Current Project:

Sderot Media Center is currently working to establish a group of area youth who, with the help of digital cameras, will document life in Sderot with the guidance of a professional photographer. A professional photographer will instruct beginner students and provide them with the necessary tools for working with photoshop and photo layout. The students will also gain upfront access to Sderot Media Center and will learn how a media center operates under real-time, capturing video footage, stories, and photos of Sderot residents living under rocket fire.

This six-week program will feature:

• A professional, government-certified photographer who will instruct the student group once a week for three hours.

• The instructor will provide both workshop instruction and guidance on the field. There will also be constructive criticism and help with photo layout.

• If it is possible, a photo gallery set up by the students will be open to the wider public.

Required Materials (estimated for a group of 10-20 students):

• Digital and stills cameras: Between 5-10 cameras/ one for each student pair.

• Space for the group to meet in during the three-hour workshops once a week.

If you would like to sponsor this project or for further information, contact Hamutal: Cell: 0542-508916 or

e-mail: [email protected] .


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