In the past 24 hour according to the IDF spokespersons unit 39 mortars, rockets and Grad missiles have fallen. One Israeli, 56 year old Moshe Ami has died due to injuries he sustained during the rocket fire and several more are being treated in the regions hospitals for conditions ranging from shrapnel wounds to anxiety. The Recent terrorist activity takes the Missile count since the ceasefire set in place after operation cast lead to 1019 deadly projectiles.
The Education minister, Gidon Sa’ar, confirmed that 200.000 school children in a 40KM radius of Gaza will not be attending school today. Sapir Communications Collage is also closed on the 1st day of the academic year due to the rocket threat.
The Security Alert Status has been upgraded to level 3 out of 4 and Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch is quoted as saying that “Anyone who tries to fire at the State of Israel must be targeted, we need a harsh response. I believe this isn’t over yet,” as many residence question whether or not the spark to the recent escalation, a Grad rocket fired to the Ashdod area on Wednesday night, was caused by the release and return of over 1000 terrorists to Arab Custody in the Gilad Shalit deal.

Egyptian efforts at negotiating a cease fire failed. Egyptian officials attempted to negotiate a ceasefire to come into effect at 0600 on Sunday morning at 0300 failed as Terrorist factions responsible for Illegal and deadly rocket and mortar fire would not agree to a cessation of violence.
As of 0955 Jerusalem time no European establishment had any comments with regards to the Terror threat.


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