Or Adam, 45, Sderot


Noam is two years old, he lives in Jerusalem.

Idan is six years old now. He lives in a Moshav.

In a green and fabulous kibbutz, Rinat is eight years old, already a big girl.

and Moran?

Moran has a bruised knee, she fell of a branch yesterday.

She’s five years old, maybe, sort of, and she has an enchanted look.

Moran has a scratch on her forehead, from her kitty cat – Hav Hav.

Bare feet, on their way, they’re so hot right now.

Moran’s hair is big and curly, she climbs on fences,

and breaks the dishes, and she lives in… Sderot.


Noam has just learnt to walk. “Who wants to run to me?”

Idan has an incisor tooth, and it’s just about to fall.

Rinat loves the merry – go – round, which makes the world go round.

How about Moran, what does it mean to her?

She’s a child, just like the others.

She loves to shoot hoops, and jumps around all day,

but she’s always on the watch, for the “Red Color” alarm,

because Sderot is special.

Sometimes, missiles land here,

and in such days, Moran is a little scared.


If Moran suddenly hears a “Red Color” alarm going off outside,

she knows, like everyone else: You must run to the protected room.

A few more minutes and a shudder, and the explosion is heard!

Rinat, Idan and Noam, too, have a small hidden fear:

Fear of the dark, of the thunder, of a very scary wolf.

Moran has all of those, thousands of stored fears,

but she also has plenty of shock, from the Qassam’s ‘Boom’.


One time she went out with her mother, for a visit at the club

and suddenly, the “Red Color” alarm went off.

Moran lied down, and her heart was beating strongly.

A commotion exploded, not far from where they were.

She’ll never forget the shudder and the thunder, which shook everything,

even when she’ll grow up.


Moran’s tooth fell, just like Idan’s.

She loves going higher and higher, like Rinat, on the swings.

She doesn’t want to flee in fear, to the protected room, when the alarm goes off.

Just like any child, she has an urge, and is anxiously waiting for games and fun.


One day, from up above, Moran heard short sounds,

but Dad hurried to calm her: “It’s us who are firing now”.

Moran asked Dad: “Why is our army firing at them?”

“That’s how it is”, answered Dad, “It’s because they fired at us”.

So Moran thought about it for a moment, and then told Dad:

“But if we fire at them, they’ll fire back at us… “

With no words, Moran continues to ask Dad,

What else is going to happen here?

For how long will the missiles fall?

That’s Moran, always asking. Simple, small questions.

But Dad, he doesn’t know how to answer all of them.


Moran has a light in her eyes, and it wins you over immediately.

But her eyes are shut now, and she’s asleep, for the meantime,

just like Idan, Noam and Rinat.

Idan dreams about a bicycle, green, like Ohad’s.

Noam only dreams about Dad, who needs to come back from the office.

Rinat dreams about being a singer, like Ninet, on the stage.

Moran, too, doesn’t give up on the light of her dream:

In the dark, she falls asleep.

Under all her curls, she’s peaceful, but she’s dreaming

about an environment without missiles.

Green lawn, colorful blossoms, red, too,

and a walk outside with no sirens and alarms, just like everyone else’s dreams…


It is known that good dreams come true only if you really want them to,

In an hour, year, or week, they happen, and satisfaction comes.

So Idan asked for a bicycle, to be bought for him, right now,

and for Noam, kisses on the cheeks from a returning Dad.

Rinat will become a singer, and everyone would be surprised.

She, and no other, will sing at the class’s party!

Moran, however, in the sea of Qassams, only continues to hope,

for a dynamic change, which will affect Sderot.


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