I visited the southern Israeli city of Sderot, which illuminates the brutality of radical Muslims. This city also embodies the spirit of Israel to resist. The city resembles a small and rural city. The buildings are a little run down with a small population.

The first location I visited was a media center, which looked little more than a small apartment. I met the Director of the Media Center named Noam Bedein who is a photojournalist. Sderot had taken the brunt of the bombings from Gaza. As Noam took me around the city he told me how the population “Woke up collectively” referring to the almost constant bombings by Gaza. As we passed dozens of bomb shelters Noam casually said, “Sderot is bomb shelter capitol of the world.” The bomb shelters are everywhere from on the side of the road to child playgrounds.

A giant caterpillar on a children’s playground caught by eye. Noam explained to me how the caterpillar was a bomb shelter to protect the young kids. Although to the people of Sderot a bomb shelter caterpillar was normal it struck me as a horror that Hamas has inflicted on this city, it mixed the horrors of wars with the innocence of childhood, and that should never have to be the case.The city of Sderot is a perfect example of the sociological warfare that the many Islamist extremist groups use against the Israelis.

An entire generation growing up under constant bombing, the paranoia of growing up under constant missile fire must have scared an entire generation. I was informed that it only takes 15 seconds for missiles from Gaza to hit Sderot. Those 15 seconds are full of panic and screaming Israelis as they all run for the closest bomb shelters. This story is in Sderot, but with 200,000 missiles now pointing at Israel, the whole country could be the next Sderot. file:///Users/loaner/Desktop/DSC00998.JPG


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